Tue 04 Sep 2018 08:22

Greetings fellow Tourists, Hopefully we shall be issuing all Tour related news, information and advice on here presently.......

A.E.F.A.R.T 2019 Presents

This year’s Tour sees an unprecedented number of tourists, 72 in total.
With greater numbers comes greater reliance on the all-important beer kitty.
Most of you have enjoyed the benefit of the kitty on previous tours and will no doubt do so again.
So dear tourists do not moan, do not whine and if you can help us raise a just a small amount of money please do so.
Just a few pounds means GIB can drink fresh beer from the pumps not the slop trays.
Just a few pounds of your cash can feed a Boris ale for a whole weekend or until he is sick.

Please remember, we must continue to support our beloved club first.
Strength and honour


Our illustrious tour leader the right honourable Keith Dunstan has seen fit yet again to delegate the pre-tour fine collection duty’s to myself (Chris Parrott) and my ever so humble assistants Mr Tim Lewis and Mr Russ Billam. We have been looking at the best way to give you prior notice/ warning of what will be required on a week-by-week basis leading up to the tour. Our plan is to post the tour requirement in the players’ lounge and club web site each week giving you prior notice of the article required and fine/ s associated therein for none conformity.
Due to higher costs, the kitty is empty so don’t be shy.

So my fellow tourists this is how it goes;

1. You check the posting in the players’ lounge or club web site daily.
2. http://worksoprufc.rfu.club/
3. You all turn up on the given Saturday with your article.
4. You pay money if you do not have the given article.
5. All money’s paid go into the tour beer kitty.
6. Some articles may/ will roll over into the following weeks.
7. Rugby club tourists will be responsible for their guest’s fines.
8. A pre-paid exemption certificate may be purchased for the sum of £40; this will cover all fines up to but not including the tour.
9. A maximum of 20 certificates are available on a first come first served basis.
10. Moreover, and this is most important fellow tourists, our decision is absolute and final.

All complaints/ queries should be taken up with the right honourable Judge Sean Stringfellow for his fair but firm deliberation.

Let the mayhem begin.

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